Breakdown of InnoSlim®

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Breakdown of InnoSlim®

This week’s breakdown is focusing on InnoSlim®!  This is a stimulant-free, 100% plant-based blend of ingredients (Astragalus Membranaceus and Panax Notoginseng) to support healthy weight and glucose metabolism.


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InnoSlim® goes to work for you inside the body to nourish the cells with abundant nutrients to foster a healthy metabolic environment - and most of all to rid of that unwanted fat.


When supplementing with InnoSlim®, individuals may experience reduced overall bodyfat mainly because of an important interaction called ACC activation, which is being mediated by the Adiponectin-AMPK pathway. AMPK upregulation in fat cells means the capability for more energy and fatty acid oxidation where it matters the most!


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InnoSlim® decreases glucose absorption in the intestine by up to 41% and it does that by reducing an important glucose transporter called SGLT1. increases glucose absorption in muscles and fat cells by increasing glucose transport protein GLUT4. These associated effects reduce circulating blood glucose and fat build-up in your body, which means a generally healthier state of being.


Handling glucose in efficient ways, such as through insulin sensitivity, is a major component of keeping things like fat gain and liver damage to a minimum. InnoSlimⓇ deals with glucose metabolization in multiple ways, too – within the intestine, muscle, and fat!


Studies have also shown that after 90 minutes, InnoSlimⓇ decreased blood sugar levels by 11% while increasing insulin sensitivity by 38%.


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