ElevATP Breakdown

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ElevATP Breakdown

ElevATP Breakdown


ElevATP is a patent ingredient from VDF FutureCeuticals which is a blend of bio-inorganic trace minerals and ancient apple extracts.  It can be a vital supplement addition in achieving your fitness goals!



A study showed that supplementing with 150mg of ElevATP can increase serum levels of mitochondrial adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the blood up to 64%.  The same study also showed that lactate and ROS levels were unchanged by elevATP supplementation.  Blood glucose levels were also unaffected by elevATP supplementation.



ATP is the bodies energy currency, and its biochemical reaction is involved in muscle contractions. During your workouts, your ATP stores become depleted and your workout suffers as a result. Raising ATP levels in the blood can provide you with more energy reserve for those most grueling workouts. 




We included 150mg of ElevATP in our El Jefe pre-workout, so your body is in the best state to efficiently utilize ATP and raise levels to keep you performing at your max potential.

Check out this powerhouse in our El Jefe PreWorkout at 150mg!


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