FDN Review of EL JEFE (Stim) Pre-workout

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FDN Review of EL JEFE (Stim) Pre-workout

ASC supplements is another one of these small companies I love to review because they really give it their ALL in every aspect, from the amazing design and branding to the actual formula and product quality. El Jefe is definitely one of those products and has one of the best-looking labels out there.


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The blend is semi-proprietary, which as you know I am not a fan of, but I already got used to it and if it works – it works. There is the 1scoop-2scoop thing going on here, which we see more in stim-junkie pre-workouts, but since we don’t know how much is in it – I’ll go 2 scoops. 


This is the open part of the label. With 2 scoops you’re getting 7g of Citrulline-Malate, 4g of Beta Alanine, 2.5g of Betaine Anhydrous for muscle power output and muscle protein synthesis, 2g of Taurine for endurance and pumps, Nitrosigine at 1.5g that also helps with pumps, and ElevATP at 150mg which is a great power output ingredient. This formula is the BOMB in terms of power, muscle endurance, and pumps. Very well rounded and full of great well-dosed ingredients. 


This is the proprietary part, which has 2.6g all together for 2 scoops. The JEFE STIM MATRIX includes Choline which is a focus ingredient, Caffeine, and Theobromine. These 3 make the basic stim package. Next, are Eria Jarensis and J Regia, which already combined with the previous stim package make it a solid stim junkie package. But it ain’t over! On top of that, you get Hordenine HCL which I absolutely love in combination with Caffeine, J Regia and Eria. Lastly, are Higenamine and Alpha Yo which later on I found out is at 1.6mg (just as I guessed based on my experience). This is a good amount of Alpha Yo, for me at least, since you get only the good effects and don’t really feel the bad side effects. Huperzine is the last ingredient on this matrix which works really well with Choline and the other elements to really bring that mental clarity and focus.


At 2 scoops this is a very well rounded stim-junkie formula with one of the strongest pump and power output formula out there.


I tasted the sweet cherry lime, which is drinkable but not good. A lot of after-taste but not to the point you can’t drink it.

In terms of the experience itself, El Jefe is one of the most positive pre workouts experiences I have had. Sort of similar to the WILD we reviewed, it just makes you wanna fly high. It is definitely a hardcore stim junkie pre-workout and creeps on you about 20 minutes into the workout. Strangely enough, when I tried it with more stims it felt less good than with the prescribed amount. The pumps are incredible, and the energy boost is clean and really pleasant. It is not one of those crack energy pre-workout. The power output is very apparent and you actually feel stronger for a good 1-2 hours, along with good mental focus, mood elevation, and a general ‘buzzed’ feeling. Even though there is Alpha Yo in it, you don’t get the bad side effects of it. 2 hours after, I still felt buzzed with good focus and a nice kick of energy, and still a bit of Beta-Alanine tingling. If you are one of those people that need the crazy crackhead energy boost, you should maybe try 2 full scoops (which again I found to be too much for me and kinda ruined the positive feeling effect). As I mentioned El Jefe is similar to Juggernaut Nutrition WiLD and CHARGED AF in terms of the positive energy and mood elevation, but the pumps and power output are a lot better, and the overall experience is one of the best I’ve had to date. 



This is one of the most positive experiences I had with absolutely amazing pumps and just all around on point formula. Amazing energy and focus. Highly recommend it. 

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