Honest Supplement Reviews' BOMBA Intra-workout

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Honest Supplement Reviews' BOMBA Intra-workout

Honest Supplement Reviews' Bomba (Strawberry Mango)

Check out the review below left by Honest Supplement Reviews!

Bomba is @asc_supplements intraworkout product. First off the label is absolutely badass. I love the artwork. This is a really loaded intra that should catch a few eyes.

The base of the formula is a EAA. It's a true 9 aminos formula. There is also 500mg of coconut water powder. This is used to help with hydration. This is often a hugely overlooked aspect of intraworkout products. Hydration will help with both pumps and performance. There is also 1g of peak02 which is a mushroom blend. It's one of my favorite endurance ingredients. It's like beta alanine without the tingles. You also reach saturation much faster than beta alanine. It works great for long workouts. Spectra is also a relatively new ingredient which has a ton of of health benefits. It can also increase nitric oxide levels.

My experiences with this have been great so far. It really has everything I look for in a intraworkout. It's not too grainy either and mixes great (peak02 is tough to mix). The strawberry mango flavor is delicious and refreshing as well. This is another great release from ASC. I highly recommend checking them out.


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