Peak02 Breakdown

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Peak02 Breakdown

Peak02 Breakdown

Endurance Athletes/Fitness Enthusiasts! This post is for you:


Peak02 is a patent ingredient by Compound Solutions (California) and is a proprietary blend of six Ayurvedic mushroom strains grown and harvested here in the U.S. These six different ingredients are powerful adaptogens, which allows you to “adapt” to and overcome physical and mental stress. Peak02 has been shown to help you increase your workout duration, time to exhaustion, power output, anaerobic peak power, and ability to uptake oxygen.



Peak02 has been shown to increase maximal power output by 17% in trained athletes over baseline. This can be helpful for really any athlete, whether you are just an enthusiast in the gym or a high-level competitor.



Peak02 was also shown to significantly increase VO2max and time to exhaustion. Athletes using Peak02 showed increased time to exhaustion by 70 seconds from baseline, compared to 5 seconds in the placebo group. This was done through a six-minute high-intensity cycle ride and a three-minute all-out cycle test. These results mean athletes may enhance the full spectrum of anerobic, aerobic, and delaying fatigue. 




The benefits observed with Peak02 are achieved once at a certain saturation level. Researchers found that once an individual reached a saturation point of 28 grams, individuals may experience the benefits discussed above.


Checkout our powerhouse Bomba IntraWorkout that contains 1 gram of Peak02 per serving!


In our Bomba full spectrum essential amino acid intraworkout supplement, we included 1 gram of Peak02 per scoop. We did this because users would reach saturation by the end of their use of a bottle of Bomba. If you want to expedite the saturation process, individuals also have the option to take 2 scoops of Bomba a day to reach saturation in 14 days instead of 28 days!




Peak02 is arguably a better beta alanine for the everyday athlete. While they both have different mechanisms of action, Peak02 achieves amazing results while having a significantly lower saturation point and does not cause that “tingling” feeling that some dislike caused by beta alanine (when not saturated). Peak02 takes on some the best facets of creatine, beta-alanine, and betaine and condensing them into one super house ingredient. Its definitely an awesome supplement blend to add to your supplementation regimen!


Checkout our powerhouse Bomba IntraWorkout that contains 1 gram of Peak02 per serving!


Learn more about our Bomba intraworkout supplement by visiting our website. We also have reviews from real customers and breakdowns from supplement experts available for your viewing pleasure!




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