Spectra™ Breakdown

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Spectra™ Breakdown

Spectra™ Breakdown


Spectra™ is a plant-based formula of 29 different fruits, vegetables, and herbs shown to inhibit free radical production (stimulates antioxidant activity) which protects/increases nitric oxide and optimizes cellular metabolic activity (supports efficient cellular oxygen consumption) within our body.



Spectra™ fights against potentially damaging free radicals. Changes of oxidative and nitrosative stress markers, as well as cellular metabolic activity, have been clinically observed in the human body. Spectra™ has been reported to decrease ROS, increase cellular oxygen consumption in blood and mitochondria, decrease extracellular H2O2, and reduce TNFα-induced inflammatory response in humans. This was reflected in more than two times inhibition of ex vivo cellular inflammatory response and also increases in bioavailable NO concentration.



By guarding against free radical attack, Spectra™ protects delicate nitric oxide molecules from being broken down. Spectra™ provides the most comprehensive protection from oxidative stress that degrades nitric oxide in the body.  In a double-blind, placebo-controlled human study, an extraordinary 99% boost in nitric oxide levels was achieved in subjects with a positive response.  Another study saw a 64% increase in nitric oxide levels.


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Our BOMBA EAA INTRAWORKOUT contains 100mg SPECTRA™ ORAC Blend to help increase cellular oxygen consumption in blood and mitochondria, and to protect/increase nitric oxide by inhibiting free radical production (stimulates antioxidant activity) during your workout!


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