Fitness is a journey, and our fitness goals are always changing along the journey. Sometimes we want to lose weight and other times we want to gain as much muscle as possible.  Diet, workout routine, and sleep are all vital to fitness success.  Something many do not consider is the toll everyday life takes on us.  Sometimes we don't have the energy and motivation to workout.  Other times its just the lack of results that drop our motivation.  This is where our products fit in your journey.  ASC Supplements will always be here to push you to your next best fitness level.  If your tired and looking for excuses to skip, we got you covered.  If your not seeing ideal weight loss results, we got you covered.  Even if your feeling super sore, we can help you achieve your goals.


Sure, other supplement companies say the same thing, but you need to understand something.  Many of them are under-dosed, not properly formulated, and ineffective.  They mainly rely on marketing and BOGO's.  Its not your fault you may have chosen a supplement in the past that didn't help you be the best version you can be.  This is why we started ASC Supplements, we wanted to provide you with a new opportunity.  We provide what others say to but never deliver.


Established in 2017, our products are formulated to be the best inside their function/category.  Our products are tested for high-quality effectiveness through many people with various fitness goals to ensure they exceed expectations.  You deserve the highest quality and highest performing supplement in its category.  Your success is our success; our science will provide you with your best experience yet!  



We are a veteran-based brand looking to make a difference in the fitness industry and community.  We will be donating 15% of our profits to organizations that are combating veteran suicide and organizations that provide natural disaster relief.  We are focusing on these two strong topics because they hit home for us here at ASC.  Suicide in the military community has become a widely known issue with up to 22 suicides a day.  We will also be focusing on providing resources towards areas/victims of natural disasters.  Click here to see which organizations we have been working with.



Our sponsorship/ambassador program is called the "ASC CARTEL".  There are different levels of discounts, free products, and positions within the program based on your commitment to the program.  We will also be providing an effort to reach out and network with select retailers, gyms, athletes and select followers to create a strong network within the fitness industry through the ASC CARTEL.  We will soon be providing workout routines, diet plans, online personal training, discounts at many locations and much more for our members at ASC CARTEL.  If you have ever been interested in joining the supplement industry and want to do it with the best, click here to see if it's for you! 

Thank you for supporting ASC Supplements!


CEO, ASC Supplements